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Mid Week Treat


Star Trek

Why do I love Star Trek so much (specifically TNG a.k.a.  The Next Generation)?

Is it the multi-cultural cast? The awesome onesies? Perhaps the cool technology?

Yeah, all those things are cool. But why do I love it?

I love Star Trek because at the core of this show, the message is: THE ADVENTURE NEVER ENDS.

And this is where I got this idea today. What if I turned that Star Trek motto into my motto. Holy banana pants! What a wonderful way to look at life: as an adventure! Instead of fearing something, make it an adventure. Huh.

Right now I like the ring of:  “what would Captain Picard do?” Obviously you can switch out Picard for other adventurers like Indiana Jones. I’m excited to try out this idea. Go out and see your journey in life as an exciting adventure.

Haha! The idea of this just made me smile. It’s totally working. AWESOME.

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