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People Want To Know: Has All This Positive Thinking Actually Done Anything?

Dearest Friends,

I hope this post finds you well rested from the weekend and ready to start the week on a good foot. I have been in a bit of a whirlwind of activity. I recently moved, got a new job, and have been trying desperately to plan a vacation with a friend of mine to Playa del Carmen (SO EXCITED!!!).

I’m not going to lie, when mama gets busy this little blog gets set to the side. So, I’d like to apologize for the lack of original posts recently and thank everyone who takes the time to visit us.

A reader asked me to give an update on how I have been doing with the Experiment since its inception. Two words come to mind when trying to describe this journey: Roller Coaster.

I am a human being (I know, I know, many of you thought robot or alien, but I assure you, I’m a human). Being a human comes with lots of ups and downs in life. When looking at this journey, all I can see are all the wonderful things have come into my life since I became more aware of my thinking. Like everyone else I have dark days from time to time (not being able to see family, having issues at work, stressful moments with career decisions). However, now, I see the light at the end of the tunnel when I’m going through those periods. I am able to recognize my depressed patterns, and from that, I take comfort in knowing that it will all pass. I also have found myself surrounding myself with more like minded people, people who share in the pursuit for happiness and positive thinking. Since starting this experiment, I have also noticed that I have become healthier in my lifestyle and kinder to myself in regards to my self-image.

I genuinely believe that all the good fortune that has come my way has stemmed from me being able to handle circumstances in more positive ways.

I wish you all the best and hope all your positive efforts culminate in something magical this week 🙂


Mid Week Treat

Mid Week Treat

What’s Your Plan When Shit Hits the Fan?

Dearest Readers,

I know it’s been EONS since I have last done an original blog post. I wanted to apologize.

Life has been busy, to say the least, and when shit hits the fan, sadly, this little blog gets less love.

Recently, life has given me a swift kick in the pants. It didn’t feel good. This first quarter of 2012 has had many ups and downs. And while I have had wonderful journeys upwards towards my goals, I found myself focusing more on the downward slides and the heart wrenching curves that have been thrown my way. I have found myself loosing my positive outlook and spiraling closer and closer to a very negative and sad point of view. I found myself wanting to hide more from the daylight (nope, still not a vampire), stay closer to home, and watch way too many episodes of “Auction Hunters” (don’t ask me why, it’s just always on when I turn on the tv).

That’s when I found myself looking for an escape. I have been looking at retreats all over the world to give myself a break. Mama needs a mental and physical timeout from life to regroup and focus. Sadly, I cannot justify spending money on all those lovely (and expensive) spa/meditational/spiritual retreats.

So what is a girl to do?

This is my plan:

Part One: Filling My Mind With Positive Material and Journaling

I’ve picked up an old book that has always gotten me through the thick of it: Louise Hay’s You Can Heal Your Life. **Stay tuned to this blog later this month as I will be doing a GIVEAWAY of this book soon 🙂 (everybody love s a giveaway!). **

 My mom bought me a copy years ago and I have given it as a gift to countless people. I adore the gift edition with it’s beautiful colors and illustrations. I have also picked up an edition for my kindle so I can have a copy with me at all times. I started gently reading through it and journaling. I always forget how much this book can change my outlook. Recently I’ve been very focused on this particular passage:

“The past is over and done. We cannot change that now. Yet we can change our thoughts about the past. How foolish for us to PUNISH OURSELVES in the present moment because someone hurt us in the long ago past”

I keep journaling about this passage over and over again. So, I cannot change the past but I can change how I view the past. It seems so simple. Instead of thinking back to the moment where I didn’t reach my goal and thinking insecure, negative thoughts about the situation, why don’t I flip it to try to see the positive? Yeah, I can logically make that flip, but to believe it? That’s gonna take some work. And peeps, that’s where I’m at. I’m working on it.

Part Two: Saying “YES” to New Experiences

My bff Aaron is in this movie. He's hilarious and you should check it out if you've never seen it 🙂

Yup. That’s what I’m up to.

I was approached to do a workshop with a two hour commute each way. I normally would have said “no.” But the material is so moving and I get to work with a new group of cool people that I said “yes.”

The bf and I scored a new place. I said “yes” to moving *cue me groaning as I think about packing up my life*. AND YET, *cue me being excited for a new home and decorating a new place*.

I’m going to adopt a baby koala! Just kidding. Ugh, I wish. One day… one day….

Part Three: Living a More Healthy Lifestyle

Learning to cook new recipes with more greens.

Taking time to workout and enjoying that process.

Getting back into a more consistant Yoga and meditation practice,

Spending more time outside, whether it’s hiking, riding bikes by the beach, strolling through gardens, I need to be outside.

So, that’s where I’m at now. If you have any other suggestions, PLEASE by all means, leave some in the comments below.

I hope you are having a wonderful beginning to April and a great start to your month!


Celebrate Monday!

How Do You Deal With Pain?

As many of you might have guessed, I have been on a bit of a blogging hiatus. The holidays came and went with a bit of stress. Birthdays and job promotions were celebrated. Work has also given me so much to be gratefulfor. And as always, with more work, comes a little less free time to sit down and write.



I would also like to say a quick “hello” and “welcome” to all my new readers and subscribers. As well as a big hug to all my wonderful long time supporters. Without all of you, this blog would only be a quiet thought in the back of my mind.


Many years ago I was involved in a terrible car accident. Luckily, I emerged without a scratch, but I did inherit a sometimes wonky neck. Let me elaborate: when shit hits the fan and I get stressed, and I mean SUPER DUPER STRESSED, my trapezius muscles can spasm, leaving me with a shooting pain down my arms and neck. This pain occurs maybe once a year, so it’s not a frequent friend in my life. I should also note, that exercise and regular stretching has made it much easier for me to deal with any flare ups.

I bring up this old injury because it decided to flare up today. As I sat around my house trying to stretch the muscle groups and break up the spasms with ice, I noticed that all that I could think about was where I hurt, how this pain was ruining my day, how I hated life, etc. And then after that pity party, I’d get upset at myself for even complaining because there are so many more people in the world who are suffering way more than I am and that I should shut my whiny little mouth … and then the spasms would flare up and then I’d start swearing again. Not a very positive cycle of thinking.

Part of me resented my body. Part of me couldn’t take the pain. Part of me resented my mind for being such a baby. But the best part of me decided to dig down into the injury and see what triggered it. I was fine last night. I had been active and in good health for the past year. What in heaven’s name triggered it?

Was it work? Maybe.

Was it family? Perhaps.

Was it related to money? Could be.

Was it my old nemesis control? *cue pain spasm* Oh f•ck. Yup. That’s it.

I don’t know about you, but when I lose/don’t have control over a situation, my body sometimes translates that loss of control into tension. And then guess what happens when I hold onto months worth of tension? Painful times.

So now what? I know that all I can do is keep on trucking. To learn to accept that I can still live a thriving life even when I lose control. To recognize the tension in my body and slowly breathe love into the areas that need healing. I know that part of my journey in this lifetime is to learn how to live with and without control and to learn to be grateful for these moments of clarity in my life.

Hope you’re having a wonderful start of the week!

Mid Week Treat

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